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Combatting child marriage in the Dalit community

“Dalit” originates from the Sanskrit word दलित (dalita), meaning “divided, split, broken, scattered”, it was originally used in the 1800s to describe the lower castes (untouchables) of the Hindu society. […]

Countering the intergenerational impact of Backlash

We recently attended two events organised by Bangladesh Garment Workers Solidarity (BGWS). One event commemorated a former colleague Aminul Islam Shama, former Organisational Secretary, Central Committee of Garment Sramik Samhati […]

Justice: A far cry from reality?

In this blog post, Sujeena Shakya and Nirmala Maharjan share their reflections from their interviews with struggle members from the National Alliance of Women Human Rights Defenders in Nepal. Members […]

Being a ‘sukumbasi’

In this blog post, SuPWR researcher Anjam Singh provides her refections from a meeting with a Nepal Mahila Ekata Samaj (NMES) struggle member who shared her experiences of being a […]