Sexuality and gender identity, Legal reform, Online backlash, Women’s labour rights

Feminist protests and politics in a world in crisis

This article is the editorial for the 2021 Gender & Development special issue ‘Feminist protests and politics in a world in crisis’.


Welcome to Gender & Development’s special double issue on Feminist Protests and Politics in a World in Crisis. This double issue was produced during a global pandemic that has triggered a deep economic crisis and an unprecedented public health emergency worldwide. When we were approached to co-edit this issue, we thought the focus on feminist protest and politics could not be more timely. The multiple and interconnected crises we are living through have adversely impacted women’s, trans and non-binary people’s rights, and gender equality gains made in policy, discourse and practice. We were keen to explore the rapidly evolving terrain of gender justice and feminist organising, and identify where the new energies within feminism were located, and what may be the ways forward for building a feminist future.

About the special issue

This special double issue on feminist protests and politics in a world of crisis sets out to answer two central questions:

  1. How are movements sustaining thriving, robust and resilient spaces and alliances in a world of multiple crises?
  2. How is politics of solidarity created at the national and trans-national levels?

To answer these, the authors explore varying themes and collective mobilisations for feminist and gender justice actors through 20 articles from different regions of the world.