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Struggle: Girls Not Brides Bangladesh

Anjali: A Dalit girl’s story of resilience

Education plays a key role in the fight against child marriage, especially when it comes to extremely marginalised communities like Dalits who face intergenerational trauma and gender-based violence. The struggles […]

How do we bring Rupa and Lata back to school?

Bangladesh went into a nationwide lockdown with one of the highest rates of child marriage worldwide, where 51% of young women get married before turning 18. While many other countries were worried about learning loss, we were worried about the increasing number of young girls becoming vulnerable to higher health risks, early pregnancies, and domestic violence as a result of child marriage.

Understanding backlash to sustain women’s rights

Women’s struggles across the world have sought to redistribute power to achieve equality between women and men. Many of these have seen some real and hard-won successes. However, backlash against feminist gains is also now a visible phenomenon around the world, and especially in South Asia.