Case Studies

Home Based Women Workers Federation

Home Based Women Workers (HBWW) is a struggle for the recognition of HBWWs in Pakistan as formal labour and the extension of labour laws and rights to HBWWs based. Home […]


Child Rights Movement

The Child Rights Movement (CRM) Pakistan is a group of civil society organisations, which was established with a mission to promote and safeguard child rights in Pakistan. This study focuses […]


Girls Not Brides Bangladesh

Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of early marriage in the world. Over two thirds of girls get married before they reach 18; the country also has the highest […]


Rape Law Reform Now

Despite increasing reports of rape in the media, conviction rates in Bangladesh remain low and rapists continue to enjoy impunity. Studies demonstrate that most rape victims and survivors still do […]


Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan

Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA) was formed in January 2007 as ‘an autonomous, secular, rights-based mass organisation led by Muslim women to fight for the citizenship rights of the Muslims […]


Samarthan Mahila Sangathan’s Nyay Samiti

Samarthan Mahila Sangathan is a grassroots collective working for women’s dignity and gender justice in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. It is associated with Utthan – an organisation that was founded in 1981 […]


Nepal Mahila Ekata Samaj

Nepal Mahila Ekata Samaj (NMES) is a network-based organisation of landless (squatter and informal settlement) women. It started as a loose network formed to advocate for safe shelter rights and […]


Aurat March and Aurat Azadi March

Aurat March (AM) and Aurat Azadi March (AAM) are an organised feminist political collective with independent chapters in different cities in Pakistan that work towards holding an annual march on […]